30-minute sessions designed for you to quickly learn how to get the most out of using your app.

1. Profiles 101

Searching for, saving & sharing reports.

2. Intro to Walking Farm®

How to create a Farm Area & Getting to know the Farm Report Options.

3. Advanced Walking Farm®

Leveraging Walking Farm® to grow your business*.
*This meeting assumes you are already familiar with how to create a farm area/pull a farm report. We will not be covering farm creation in this meeting, so if you would like a tutorial on how to create a farm, please refer to the “INTRO TO WALKING FARM” training.

4. ADMIN Training

This call covers Red Shed’s ADMIN PORTAL, and designed for company managers, the title company support team.
This call is not intended for Title Company Sales Representatives -or- Real Estate Agents, as the content covered will not be applicable.

Schedule & registration coming soon!